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[READ BEFORE POSTING] Staff Application Format and Requirements

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The requirements to apply for staff are simple but necessary to ensure that you can adequately assist those in need.

- You must be an active member of the community.

- You must not have had any punishments taken upon you in a recent time frame.

- You must know how to speak fluent English. This includes spelling and grammar on the forums.

- You must be well-liked by the community. How can you be part of the staff team if the community doesn't believe in you?


When applying for a staff position, please make sure to use this format or else you will not be considered for any positions.



1. Your desired staff position (if you have one):

2. Your in-game name as well as your first name:

3. Your age and location (please include time-zone):

4. How many hours a day can you commit to LetsPK? Be reasonable with yourself:

5. Why do you believe you are qualified for a staff position?

6. Do you have and regularly use Discord?

7. Have you been in any trouble with the server previously? If so, explain the situation:



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