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Update on Recent Disconnects

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Hey everyone!

For the LAST time, I can finally say the DC issue has been finally fixed. The issue was unknown to myself for the longest time although i had some theories - but I was finally able to pinpoint the issue and fix it. For those curious, it was related to the quest tab. If you didn't know, the quest tab's information updates each time you click it, and on login. Contained in the quest tab is useful information related to your character. That information would get reloaded every time you clicked the tab or logged in, which was not an issue. What was creating the issue was if the tab had to load in a vast amount of information at one time, presumably because you had say 1 million bolts or runes in your inventory, which would overflow the server and crash the whole damn thing. I'm very happy to say that this issue has finally been fixed and you guys can play once again. If your account suffered any issues during the DC's, PLEASE don't hesitate to message myself or any other staff member and we will get you sorted out. Appreciate you guys being on standby these past days - genuinely means a lot to me.

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