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Server Updates and Bug Fixes [6/7]

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I'm back from my finals - dead tired but still wanted to pump out a solid night of updates and bug fixes for you guys. I have one more final this coming Monday, then I'm completely done with school for the next 3-4 months!


Game Updates

- A command has been added to show off your KDR to others! Simply type ::kdr in game to do so.






- Another command has been added to reset your kills and deaths - for a fee. Pay 10k blood money to get a clean slate with ::resetkd.






- A scroll has been added to BM Shop 2 for 10k blood money. This scroll will allow you to turn any ring into its imbued version.





Bug Fixes and Changes

- Voting rewards have been improved to give players more for supporting the server.

- Twisted bow has received a buff to accuracy and damage.

- Cerberus, our favorite hellpuppy, is now attackable. *May still spawn twice*

- Certain obsidian related item's prices have been adjusted.

- Removed some code that shouldn't have been seen by the player. ('lelel' instances, nothing major)

- The bandos godsword now has its updated special consumption and damage boost.

- The levers in Ardougne and Edgeville now work as intended.

- A bank command has been properly added for Adamant+ Donators.

- Other smaller hotfixes that I can't remember.


I'm looking forward to tomorrow; going to try and get more bugs fixed because I'll have a full day to commit. Thanks for being understanding while I finish my finals!


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