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  1. Artist

    Hey guys, Thinking of making a promo Video for the server the link below is a promo I made for my old Obby clan on RD, let me know what you think, that was years ago too I'm a lot better with editing now ;). CLICK HERE If you think I should I'm going to create a channel purely for the server and upload a mixture of content. -Artist
  2. I dont know about the spec restore even though it'd be good I thinkit'l be to OP. But support all others
  3. Artist

    Darkbow needs a Buff, and DDS needs nerfing imo same with D Mace, also Dharoks off the free items list. Should run polls I think you'd benifit with a poling system.
  4. Artist

    Hey all! InGame name is Artist but IRl im called Carl, I played LetsPk on the old serve last year and know it well! If you need anything in game just give me a shout Il help where I can. Dont forget to ::vote! www.youtube.com/Iron_Monsters www.instagram.com/Iron_Monsters - Artist