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  1. Squad Shit

    You better like it or I'm gonna support my wank into that bank, bby.
  2. Squad Shit

    Every server has gambling. I'm offering a way to gamble without it being a chance game.
  3. Squad Shit

    Ironmen who bad at poker aren't allowed here. Shew fly, go get some dh or somethin
  4. Squad Shit

    I'm gonna make this short and sweet because the title says it all really. How many of you have ever gotten the chance to play poker like legit poker in a private server before? Instead of the chance games like dueling/dicing/fping/allthatbullllllshityafeelme How dope would it be to gamble your money against other players in game at a poker table playing Hold em'? Not to mention if "Texas Hold em'" was added to one of the flip screens in the advertisement GIF... People would be ALL OVER IT! This alone would increase player base. Just saying. Just hoping. Just wanting. Just dreaming. Squaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa