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  1. Jay

    Heya Cody, welcome to the server man good to see you joining in on the fun :) Hope you will have a great time and see you in-game soon
  2. Jay

    This looks damn great Hunter, good job and curious to see the feedback upon these updates (both positive as well as negative ones, if any haha) Truely shows how dedicated you are to this server and to bringing out its full potential :) The future of LetsPk keeps getting brighter and brighter! :)
  3. Jay

    Primary and secondary rank given. The secondary rank display will be an update i will be doing shortly.
  4. Jay

    Good to see more clans being formed and hoping to see some sick battles arriving to the depths of the wilderness soon! Goodluck.
  5. Jay

    Heya Calvino, your name isnt ringing a bell so far but welcome back man! Hope you will enjoy the current version even more. see you online soon 😉 Regards, Jay
  6. Jay

    Congrats Art! Great accomplishment you have here, hope to see you max them out at 200m exp soon 😉 haha
  7. Jay

    Most of you have probably already noticed some of the additions made to the forums. Chatbox was added The chatbox skin was edited to match the forum's theme The Clan HQ forum has been added to the forums A media section has been added Special groups now show a specific crown in front of their name, either a donator sign or a crown. Some edits to the theme have been conducted to fix small issues occurring and create a better looking overall theme Users may now edit their threads indefinitely instead of only 5 minutes after creation. Although these are only minor updates and tweaks I hope you guys will enjoy them. If you have any suggestions towards future updates or if you have any specific feedback feel free to post them.
  8. Jay

    Some nice list of updates and bug fixes. Enjoy seeing these being posted, so keep it up 😉
  9. Jay

    Oh damn, this looks great. Thanks for the addition to the guides forum with such a high level and detailed guide. Hope to see many more coming from you 😉
  10. Jay

    Welcome back my man Jav, good to see you on here as once again :) Lets see what we can achieve with LetsPk this time around :)
  11. Jay

    Well, well, well who do we have here... Welcome back my man, good to see you here again with your trippy ass profile picture :) Good to see you on here again, lets go dh bombing some time as I cant pk for $#!% either. see you in game soon man.
  12. Jay

    Good to see you on the forums now as well Shadows :) and good to have you back on the team.
  13. Many of you have wondered why the registration of accounts on the forums has been disabled. In the most logical explanation, the registration via the forums itself is indeed disabled. The registration via the website has been disabled due to our integration with the server accounts. So, once you have logged in for the first time onto the server, a forum account will automatically be created with this password and username, the only thing you have to do is login here with your credentials, fill in the missing parts for account completion and enjoy your time on the forums. If you have ever had any questions regarding the forums, or if you have any suggestions towards improvements or additions to the forums, please let me know via the suggestion forum board or by sending me a personal message. Have fun browsing around. Regards, Jay
  14. Jay


    Hello there, I guess quite some people will remember me from the first version of Letspk and maybe even frost blades back in the day. Anyways I am jay and have been in the RSPS scene for quite a long time. I got to know some of the people I work with now years ago and have since always stuck together. On here I will be doing a bit of everything, a bit of player interaction and community management, answering your questions through PMs on here, on discord or on the server, manage the forums as they are and improve or make changes to them. I thus far like the way the forums look and have done quite a bit to make it this way. It is a simple and clean style with all the necessary features. If you have any suggestions feel free to tell me either through PM, on here or in the suggestion. Have fun and see you guys in-game. Regards, Jay
  15. Jay

    Welcome to the forums, as you can see the new forums have been setup and are nearing its completion, most vital parts of the forums have been configured and setup. I hope everyone likes the current layout, themes and the overal setup of the different forums. I welcome you to post your introduction in the red carpet forum and introduce yourselves and get to know one another. Furthermore, I would gladly receive feedback on the forums as to things that should/could be changed or additional suggestions towards improvements that could be made. Kind regards, Jay