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  1. Zomboy

    @Art The banks at skilling spots would just make it so much more convenient, it's not gunna make it to easy as skilling is a grind anyway. Fixing the NPC at resource area wouldn't be hard, I understand there is other prioritised bugs but this one should definitely be up there on the list. Also farming is and construction is pretty bugged, I've had my patches disappear twice now and construction just is not smooth at all
  2. Zomboy

    Adding banks to places: - Farming Patches - Dark Crabs at donator zone (and donator zone in general) - Entrana Docks (Fishing) Adding the noter NPC at resource area in the wilderness Run energy doesn't restore (not sure if it's all the time or just sometimes?) Using tree seeds on plant pots with soil doesn't work atm (only tried willow unsure about others) FIX HIGHSCORES
  3. Zomboy

    +1 on the tradeable scrolls
  4. Zomboy

    GZ dude, i'm in the works of maxing now REEEEEEEE i agree it's aids