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  1. Dher1337

    great work
  2. Dher1337

    LOOOOOOL IS THAT SMACKD FROM ROATPKZ AYYYE LOOOOOL, im solo rn but i have killed or beaten everyone on this server, shits so easy lmfao
  3. Dher1337

    nice, anyone can rush people in max strength and restore spec and repeat lmfao. i mean nh u never hybrid or nh
  4. - Right now we only have vorkarth as a boss that is in a certain location which is multi, how about make a boss that has a random location spawn around the wildy (maybe above 30 wild) - Make it that slayer tasks which are above wildy lvl 30 drop more bm so it gives players a reason to stay deep wild which brings pkers and this keeps the wildy active - Fix npcs, npcs in wildy such as bats, hell hounds sometimes dont even attack you so some ppl cant get a box or escape from pkers (this is good for me cuz ez loot, but fix that shit for helpless pkers) - fix your levers, sometimes u cant use a lever to tele, for eg. ardy tele and the lever at edge - make it that if you kill someone in wildy, your spec bar restores instantly so u cant get back to pking asap (this is useful if u getting teamed on and u happen to slap someone so u can fight the next whale) - fix the pathing on npcs, you cant attack some npcs even though you should be able to, eg. hill giants, revs - make mage arena npcs drop sotd but much more rarer than the other items - fix GREAT OLM IN WILDY, the olm timer is so little you cant even do shit to it before it goes away, make it 20 mins or some shit cuz i think the timer rn is at 5 mins or something - please add resource area teleports and pirate hut teleports (free price) - make dh worth bm maybe 1k a piece possibly or less - make vorkarth have a chance of dropping bm shop items, low chance for expensive bm shop items and high chance for cheap bm shop items plus the guaranteed bm drop - make keys spawn every 10 or 15 mins instead of 20 - more wildy activity - fix the speed of slashing webs, you should be able to slash (attempt to slash) it faster, but on this game it takes forever between slashes remember to make this server pk orientated so skilling/pvm should not be a priority but its good to have tho but wildy should be active. ty @Hunterowner @Daz @Shadow @Art
  5. Dher1337

    wtf u say pussy, ill load up all my kill pics on everyone if i wanted to, and nah i havent killed you, you know why because ur some dumb bitch who stakes and doesnt pk, if i ever see you in wild imma take your set dumb bitch
  6. Dher1337

    support, plus noted npc would be good cuz more loot for pkers if they catch dem skillers lacking
  7. Dher1337

  8. Dher1337

    ive killed everyone in bonez, so fucking easy, i even got their leader begging me to join them
  9. Dher1337

    1 brew and 4 anglers? are you fucking new or mentally ill dumb fuck, stop boosting your kill streak on alts l0l dumb pussy, im better than you in hybrid/nh and anyone else on this easy server. btw ur the one who avoids me in edge dumb fuck you're shook pussy, "6 brews" you cant outlast for shit nor do you know how to switch to tanks at correct times thats why you're easy as fuck l0l I be handing this shit to everyone and anyone, plus ive killed everyone in your team legit on foe nem dont make me post that shit l0l
  10. Dher1337

  11. Dher1337

    this kid so easy, stupid pvmer stick to bankstanding
  12. this kid hides on 300+ alts but dw I caught this nigga lacking (TOO MANY TIMES) identified alts of anti social = edgeville, gray, hybrid, ancients and antisocial plus this nigga died for max to cloudy eu #easyasfuckpussy This kid tabs so fast you cant even get a right click on the kids name to screenshot lmfao EASY 6-0 lmfao take this
  13. Dher1337

    BIGGEST WHALE IN THE TEAM : COMPLETED 6 - 0 on Completed, so fucking easy plus i nearly killed this kid for max, nigga tried to tank the keys but i came gave a QUICK SLAP and the kid xlogged with 0 zero food left LOL at bonez quality nigga tryna ask for off to slave at slayer rofl