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    Fix NPC pathing / Aggro Extend the Olm timer or lower its hp / the amount of phases Lower the droprate of items at Vorkath / Remove all of the unnecessary junk items. - Make it more difficult and require numbers to kill Revamp and update the droprates listed when examining NPCS Make levers work on the first click - I shouldn't have to spam click for 5 seconds just to get it to finally register Make the bloody key spawn every 10 minutes - Make Olm respawn every 25-35 minutes - Make Vorkath an hourly/bi-hourly event (Provided the droptable is buffed / revised) Make slashing webs faster and increase the accuracy - I shouldn't have to sit and fail 15 times Give more incentive to skilling in the wild, whether its adding in physical BM rewards after doing an action such as chopping a tree or lighting a log. - Risk = Reward Increase the default amount of presets for a F2P player to 7 (Just for QOL, makes things a little easier for people who pk with a variety of builds and styles / setups) Look at implementing titles specific to a players unlocked achievements or for certain milestones. E.g 25 kills = Recruit, 50 = Corporal etc. We spoke earlier about this ingame but look at implementing movement stalling weapons or polishing up their mechanics. - E.g Leaf-bladed Battleaxe, polishing the Hunters Crossbow. Daily tasks in regards to Pking - give the player a range of different builds to use aswell as a varied amount of kills required Daily Tournaments - Similar to those on Dawntained. With your goal of implementing the Theater of Blood items from OSRS take your time and gather feedback from the community, we spoke about the milestone capes having potential rewards and it'd be beneficial for the rest of the community to weigh in and leave their feedback Implement ::Edgepvp Revamp the spawning rights for players - We're able to spawn certain items such as Iron Bolts but we can't spawn items such as Black platelegs etc. Weekly HP events aswell as other community oriented events. Fix bank placeholders __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Look at making incentives to using the forums, an example could be for every post you gain 1-2 loyalty points, for every positive karma/like you receive 5 points, for a referral 10 points etc.
  2. Antisocial


    Not really alot to say. I'm Antisocial / Grayson and I'm from New Zealand. 17 years of age played RS since 06/07 and RSPS since 2011/2012 I mainly hybrid cause my f3's are slow as fuck and yeah, apologies if I've been toxic towards any of you or if I try to stack you 85190258 times a day. Feel free to dm on Discord Antisocial#7049 if you feel like learning anything else about me.
  3. Antisocial

    7-0? L00000000l you legitimately sc every fight with anyone smh, your on here acting like some prodigy cause of some tab pics and 2 kill pics on an alt when I was easing back into nh/brid 😂 also what's with not showing your invin for any pics? Must feelbad packing 6 brews in reg hybrid l0l Brid me in-game and match my switch count please 😘
  4. Antisocial

    Kid literally fails to see that I 10way and pack 4 anglers / 1 brew while at the same time your trying to prod dh axe / gmaul l0l ur ez 100-0 show me an actual physical kill pic on Anti 😘 PS only died in max because Pizzabois a spaz and bsed me 🙂
  5. Antisocial

    #Bonez, feelsbad when the owner of Vespian donates for a max set and just sits afk in it trying to show off his wealth ;c
  6. Antisocial

    Shit clan with an owner who avoids 24/7 l0l0l0l #bonez
  7. Antisocial

    Shit clan 2 ez #Bonez