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  1. Antisocial

    7-0? L00000000l you legitimately sc every fight with anyone smh, your on here acting like some prodigy cause of some tab pics and 2 kill pics on an alt when I was easing back into nh/brid 😂 also what's with not showing your invin for any pics? Must feelbad packing 6 brews in reg hybrid l0l Brid me in-game and match my switch count please 😘
  2. Antisocial

    Kid literally fails to see that I 10way and pack 4 anglers / 1 brew while at the same time your trying to prod dh axe / gmaul l0l ur ez 100-0 show me an actual physical kill pic on Anti 😘 PS only died in max because Pizzabois a spaz and bsed me 🙂
  3. Antisocial

    #Bonez, feelsbad when the owner of Vespian donates for a max set and just sits afk in it trying to show off his wealth ;c
  4. Antisocial

    Shit clan with an owner who avoids 24/7 l0l0l0l #bonez
  5. Antisocial

    Shit clan 2 ez #Bonez