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  1. Calvino

    Welcome to the server and enjoy your stay my friend.
  2. Calvino

    I honestly agree with all suggestions and especially the Run energy it needs to be fixed.
  3. Calvino

    Yeah I never pk that's why I'm ranked #6 for top kills this week.
  4. Calvino

    Really good idea it will bring more votes to server definitely should be added soon.
  5. Calvino

    Don’t talk shit you never killed everyone in Bonez you clearly think you killed all of us when we’re 10+ in clan and used to be 20+ not to mention you never killed me and I’ve never even seen you online ’Killed everyone in Bonez’ ger your facts right before you talk.
  6. Calvino

    Hi I'm Calvino if anyone does remember me I used to clean people with 4gs d0wned in dicezone if anyone remember 🙂