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  1. The Zeknights are looking for fellow mercenaries to join the team. We don't ask that you be the best NHer in the world or that you have a 5b bank, we only ask that you strike at the drop of a pen. We are mercenaries and we are here to protect the free. To apply, message me ingame *Max Combo* or reply below.
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    ignore the watermarks LUL
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    We are the Zeknights. We are nothing more than mercenaries trying to protect the free. I, as the leader of the Zeknights, ask nothing of you but to strike in a moments' notice. As Zeknights, you are also required to protect your fellow brethren. To apply message me in-game *Max Combo* or reply in the Clan Recruitment Thread. Any sort of misbehavior in the clan will be punished accordingly by the Leader. Current Roster: Max Combo Dher1337 Cloudy Eu Kristokas007 Zomboy More importantly, Here's to the Free! Fight for the Server 😄