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    hopefully you get a good drop soon bud!
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    Congrats m8! knew you could do it!
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    Donation Ranks Bronze Donator $10 Iron Donator $20 Mithril Donator $30 Adamant Donator $50 Rune Donator $75 Dragon Donator $100 TzHaar Donator $150 Barrows Donator $200 Bandos Donator $300 Armadyl Donator $400 Third-Age Donator $500 Virtus Donator $1000 Pernix Donator $2500 Torva Donator $4000 We kindly thank you for your donation to the server, donations help with upkeep/server maintenance & advertising. all donations are appreciated! Enjoy Letspk!
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    im extremely Glad you can finally take the time to focus on Pure development. You`re a very talented dev. and i look forward to what the the future of letspk brings now as i know it will be nothing but Pure success! Lets Crush it! 💪 keep up the good work bro!
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    Clue scroll guide "a guide to wealth of epic proportions" By : Dot Table of contents Introduction Teleportation / making life easier Leo's emporium Working the clues Loot Tables Hard Clues Elite Clues Introduction Greetings, so i have decided to compile my vast array of knowledge with LetsPk Clue scrolls into a guide for everyone to become a clue scroll completing god like myself (not to toot my own horn xD). May the Clues be with you! Good luck! Teleportation / making life easier Within the LetsPK world, there are a few tips/tricks/interfaces that will provide ease of access to certain locations on your journey to mass wealth from clue scrolls. Here are a few examples, Portal Interface: can be accessed by clicking on your quest tab, than on the word portal OR you can also click the world map icon (shown fig .2 OR Clicking either of these will bring up a user interface, on the right hand side of it there's a scroll bar, and if you scroll down you should see this list of useful city/slayer/boss/wilderness & many more teleports. (including the last two on the list which are Brimhaven gold mine and fountain of heroes, both are cluescroll locations of which can only be accessed via this teleport ui.) Rings/Teleport tabs: In your bank you have a vast array of starter equipment this includes the following items we will utilize to efficiently complete the clues. the items we will be using are amulet of glory (4) - right click and select "rub" than choose your destination. Varrock/Camelot teleport tabs - Self explanatory Dueling ring (8) - right click and "rub" than choose destination. Games Necklace (8) - right click and "rub" than choose destination. Skill Related teleports: Almost every skill on your levels tab has its own teleports to useful areas to train said skills, but these teleports are also useful for accessing parts of the map that you either cannot get to by walking, or its just quicker. To access these teleports click on the skill that corresponds to the location you would like to go, and it will bring up a list of Areas you can teleport to. here is a list of the locations you can teleport to via clicking on said skill ( * = To be removed as location no longer exists) Mining - Falador mining guild/ Edgeville resource area Smithing - Falador smithing area ( Mining guild ) & Edgeville furnace Herblore - Taverly ( kaqemeex ) / Edgeville resource area* Woodcutting - Woodcutting guild / Edgeville resource area* Cooking - Rogues den & Entrana stove Fletching - North of seers village (maple trees ) / Edgeville resource area* Agility - Gnome course/ Draynor course/ Ardougne course Slayer - ( none all found via portal/World map teleport ui) Hunter - ( Coming soon! ) Runecrafting - Abyss center/ Essence mine/ Wizards tower roof (shop and supplies) Farming - Camelot , Ardougne , Falador & Canifis allotment and herb patches Thieving - Lumbridge men, Edgeville resource area* / Draynor master farmers/ Ardougne paladins & heroes A lot of these locations are vital to solving clue scrolls, try to memorize what is where and close to it to complete clue scrolls way more efficiently. Leo's Clue scroll Emporium During your journey to mad riches via cluescrolls you will encounter some clues that require you to equip certain gear/item's to complete the clue, now there's two ways of doing this. most of the items required to complete the cluescroll can be obtained via slayer if you're into that whole grinding thing ( i know i am lol ), but if you wish to take the easy route and have some coins ( yes coins NOT blood money) than my buddy Leo is the guy you wanna talk to! Hes Located at ::home on the north exterior wall of the edge bank ( picture below ) L Leo has you covered for anything you might need (for a price) to complete those cluescrolls! aside from Dragon boots (sold at pvp emporium) and a shovel ( can buy from farming shop or teleport to barrows minigame to get one free!). Working the clues When you do finally start solving clues you will notice that you receive more clues back than what you started with, in the future this will probably be fixed but for the time being here's how you can work around that. The clue you are currently working on should be in your very first inventory slot. This way you can make a pit stop and bank all the clue scrolls in your inventory individually except for the one in the first slot, and remove confusion as to which clue you're working on. when you receive a new clue, click on the clue in the first inventory slot to read it regardless on where it "looks like it was put" it will always replace the position of the original clue. *reminder* - if you do get a hard casket on an elite clue and vice-versa, don't open it just drop it. Logging out/ trading the clue will not only reset the clue itself, but it will also reset the steps you have done in the clue itself. so if you have done 4 steps of a clue already and are close to your reward when you log out it resets your clue back to as if you are on step 1, and gives you a new clue. so if you start a clue try to finish it before you log out. Loot tables Okay okay, i know enough of the boring stuff. this is where the fun starts. each difficulty of clue has their own loot table and difficulty specific rewards i will only be listing the loot tables from hard/elite clues as they're the most common and in my opinion the only ones worth doing. this is a table that shows what you can get from each difficulty of clue. (courtesy of OSRS wiki) Hard clues: Image Name Rune trimmed armour Rune gold-trimmed armour Guthix rune armour Saradomin rune armour Zamorak rune armour Ancient rune armour Bandos rune armour Armadyl rune armour Gilded armour Rune heraldic armour (H1 to H5) Blue d'hide trimmed armour Blue d'hide gold-trimmed armour Red d'hide trimmed armour Red d'hide gold-trimmed armour Enchanted robes Robin hood hat Cavaliers Pirate's hat 3rd age melee armour 3rd age ranger armour 3rd age mage armour Amulet of glory (t) Guthix blessed d'hide armour Saradomin blessed d'hide armour Zamorak blessed d'hide armour Armadyl blessed d'hide armour Ancient blessed d'hide armour Bandos blessed d'hide armour Blessed boots Vestment stoles and croziers (Guthix, Saradomin, and Zamorak) Chromatic dragon masks Pith helmet Explorer backpack Rune cane Zombie head Cyclops head Nunchaku Dragon boots ornament kit Elite clues: Image Name Dragon ornament kits Infinity colour kits Fury ornament kit Musketeer outfit Dragon cane Briefcase Sagacious spectacles Gilded boots/Gilded scimitar (along with other gilded equipment) Top hat Monocle Big pirate hat Deerstalker Metal dragon masks Lava dragon mask Black d'hide trimmed armour Black d'hide gold-trimmed armour Rangers' tunic 3rd age cloak/Third-age weapons (along with all other 3rd age items) Afro Katana Royal set Great Kourend house scarves Blacksmith's helm Bucket helm Ranger gloves Holy wraps Ring of nature Dark tuxedo outfit Light tuxedo outfit Heavy casket *note some of these items May not be equipable, if this is the case contact an administrator and ask for the item to be given a definition!`* Hard clues *under construction* Coordinate clues: Coordinates Shorthand Requirements Fight Level 00 degrees 13 minutes south, 13 degrees 58 minutes east 00.13S, 13.58E None. 2 Image Map Location notes On Karamja, can run north-east from brimhaven gold mines using Portal ui (world map). Coordinates Shorthand Requirements Fight Level 00 degrees 18 minutes south, 09 degrees 28 minutes east 00.18S, 09.28E None. 2 Image Map Location notes Using Portal UI ( or world map) scroll down under clue scroll locations, you will see `brimhaven gold mine` Coordinates Shorthand Requirements Fight Level 02 degrees 48 minutes north, 22 degrees 30 minutes east 02.48N, 22.30E None. 2 Image Map Location notes Just west of the trapdoor leading to the H.A.M. Hideout, dig 2 spaces east and 1 south of the nearest tree to the building. can run east from draynor Coordinates Shorthand Requirements Fight Level 11 degrees 03 minutes north, 31 degrees 20 minutes east 11.03N, 31.20E Completion of Priest in Peril 2 Image Map Location notes click on farming skill level > canifis plot and run west Coordinates Shorthand Requirements Fight Level 06 degrees 58 minutes north, 21 degrees 16 minutes east 06.58N, 21.16E None. 2 Image Map Location notes Located at the north-east fence outside of Draynor Manor, on the southern side of the River Lum. Map Clues: Anagram Clues: Cool Nerd - Old Crone - Front gates of slayer tower, Teleport ui (or world map) and teleport to slayer tower. Copper Ore Crypts - Prospector percy - ::home teleport right on the other side of the wall from pvp emporium. Career in moon - oneriomancer - Seers Village bank. DR hitman - mandrith - outside wildy resource area (east of ::mb). el ow - Lowe - Varrock Range store. east of where Varrock teleport tab brings you. aha mitts - Matthias - Falconry hunting area south of Piscatoris Fishing colony, use piscatoris coastline teleport via fishing skill tab, go through the hole in ground and keep running south east once through you will see a few of matthias walking around. la up - paul - hcim and normal ironman armour/weapons vendor in lumbridge. Cryptic clues: Come to the evil ledge, Yew know yew want to. Try not to get stung. Dig in Edgeville, just east of the southern yew tree. elite clues *under cunstruction* Coordinate clues: Map Clues: Anagram Clues:
  6. Enjoy Letspk and don`t forget to vote! Feedback welcome!
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    Hi guys, Glad to be back! seeing lot's of new faces and lot's of old faces so decided to re-introduce myself for those that have no clue who i am, My in-game name is dot ( also known as Dothack ), and i am a veteran LetsPK.org player. im 25 and i can't pk for $#!% other than d'haroks bombing Lmao and i plank enough for 200m construction when it comes to nh. However i am really good with cluescrolls so if you're stuck dont hesitate to pm me as i tend to be an encyclopedia when it comes to Lpk. I'm Glad to see Letspk.org is getting the attention that it needs, and i feel like some great things are going to be achieved this summer! I wish Everyone the best of luck and i hope to see you ingame! p.s - dont forget to ::vote for cool rewards and to bring new players to the server! Dot