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  1. Dot

    Hey guys, So in Discord i have seen a post in the suggestions section about a Fun Pvp area. ( item safe wilderness area ) i wanted to see what the community thought of this idea as its your voice that matters most! Feel Free to post any ideas/suggestions/feedback towards this idea below. I look forward to seeing what people have in mind, all feedback is welcome! Enjoy, Dot
  2. Dot

    You did have a rank but you turned the rank into currency when you bought a box. Unfortunately, i am unable to issue a donation rank for the reason stated above. If you have anymore Unrelated questions don't hesitate to contact us! Thank you & Enjoy LetsPK.org, Dot P.S - Feel Free to leave Feedback on how well we handled your issue via the link provided. We're always looking to improve! https://community.letspk.org/index.php?/forum/18-staff-feedback/
  3. Dot

    This is 100% correct. Buying boxes from the donator store in game with credits, will remove the corresponding amount (value of the box) from your donation rank.
  4. Welcome To LetsPk.org. I have seen some reports of people experiencing issues when trying to start the client up. Please Follow These steps if you encounter this issue as they may solve your problem. Step 1 - Clearing LetsPK Files / Fresh downloading Start menu > My computer > ( c : ) > right click the file called " .letspk "and delete (varies with OS) Delete the client ( the executable jar file that usually shows up on your desktop after downloading) restart your computer make sure all firewalls and proxies aren't interfering Re-download the Game - Play Now Step 2 - Check java version/Updating Java There are two ways to check your java version. I recommend the simple method which is using this link Java Tester. This will also help you update your java version. OR Click Start. Select Control Panel. Select Programs. Click Programs and Features. The installed Java version(s) are listed. OR Click Start Select My computer Select your local hard drive ( usually something like c:) double click program files (or program filesx86) Click on java The files named here are the java version(s) you have. If for whatever Reason these steps don't help with your situation. Feel free to contact me or any other staff member via Forums/Discord and we would be happy to help you troubleshoot further. Hope this helps! Dot
  5. Welcome, Here At LetsPK.org we currently accept osgp as a donation, in return for donating with osgp you can get either Donation boxes or Raw Blood money for you enjoy in-game. If you would like to donate please feel free to contact any of the staff members listed below, in game on the forums or in Discord. OSGP donations help contribute towards server advertisements and much much more! These are the current rates*: 150K Blood Money : 12M OSGP 10$ Donation Present : 12M OSGP *note* - Minimum acceptable amount is 12m OSGP. *note* - Please Make sure you Only Trade The people mentioned below. Hunterowner - #Hunterowner#5010 Daz - Daz#9870 Dot - Dot#6837 We Thank you for your support, and hope you enjoy your stay here at Letspk.org LetsPK.org Management ( *= Subect to change )
  6. Dot

    Wow, That's some crazy luck lol. still no good drop from zulrah here yet >.< Happy hunting!
  7. Dot

    Thread closed as per OP's Request! Congrats to the winners!
  8. Dot

    Look's great! glad to see more raids content! well done!
  9. Dot

    I Don't quite think an Economy reset is necessary, as you mentioned it would destroy the awesome playerbase that has developed Thus far. However, The Ghouls in donator zone are no longer aggressive making them a more click intensive task. Sweet! 5,000,000+ Blood money collected, I wonder what pet the winner will pick?
  10. Dot

    Look's awesome, Don't forget to make use of the crystal keys, i found them extremely useful on my Ironman journey in the early stages of Letspk, Good Luck!
  11. Dot

    Hey, thanks for the feedback! feel free to post any more ideas you may have here, but please try to make your side comments a little more indirect ❤️ On a side note, I also agree that Dharoks should cost Blood money. This would create a more mixed wilderness environment on the other side of the ditch, and you would probably see an increase in activity at the barrows mini-game as it would be more profitable. I know hunter has recently added added some more content to rev caves and once a proper charges system is developed the Etherum bracelet should make rev caves more appealing for sure! I look forward to what the future of letspk has to hold, To the top we go guys! Don't forget to vote & Thanks again!
  12. Dot

    Awesome! i love to see players challenging themselves! good work, +1 and following 🙂
  13. Dot

    Awesome! glad to see pid was removed from duel arena that was a big one! great update!
  14. Dot

    goood stuff!
  15. Dot

    Awesome update! to the top we go! #letspksummer2018 💪