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  1. Hunterowner

    Bug fixes galore! This will enhance the PvP experience even more. New Updates - ::edgepvp has been added to the server! PKers can now teleport here to duke it out in a new area. - Amethyst arrows have been introduced into the game! These arrows provide a better range bonus than rune arrows. - Brand new pets have been added to the server's pet box! The pet box now has all OSRS pets available to obtain. Also, the price of the pet box has been lowered to $10. - The Raids 2 items are now in the in-game donator store! The prices are the same, just in credit-equivalent amounts. Bug Fixes and Changes - You now need to be max combat to turn in emblems to the Emblem Trader in the Revenant Caves. - Fixed a rare bug with vengeance. - You now cannot do ::empty in the wilderness or with the bloody key in your inventory. - The bloody key chest spawn in the mage arena has been removed. - Dharok has been adjusted. - Fixed an issue where you could activate some prayers together when normally it should be impossible. - The zombies in the donator zone have been reworked; they are no longer aggressive and are now static, and have been moved to a better location. - The ornament kit for the anguish necklace has been added. - The spiders that hit 60's in deep wilderness have been fixed. - The agility shortcuts in the Revenant Caves now work properly. - Some npc spawns in the wilderness have been removed to lower how cluttered certain areas were. - Deadman chest rewards have been slightly buffed. - Blacklisting should now work for all names, regardless of capitalization. - PID has been removed from the Duel Arena. - BM farming has been reworked for the better. - The sinhaza shroud tier 5 cape now acts as an accumulator. - Ava's now correctly recover dragon arrows. - You can no longer clip through the mage bank wall. - The gambler has been re-enabled.
  2. Hunterowner

    Here's the long awaited, brand new, exclusive to LetsPK Wilderness Event! Part 2 of the "LetsPK Wilderness Rejuvenation" is here! New Updates - A new Wilderness Event has been added: The Deadman's Chest event is now available! The event consists of acquiring three different key parts from three different bosses, all whom will spawn at set 20 minute intervals and roam the deep wilderness. If you're skilled enough to kill these bosses and obtain all three unique drops from each of them (whom have a guaranteed drop of their respective keys), you can then take all the keys to the wilderness volcano. Located in the northeastern-most corner of the volcano lies the Deadman's Chest. This chest boasts some of the best rewards LetsPK has to offer, but it comes at a price - the chest will announce to the server what you've obtained! The three different keys needed to open the chest are: - Justiciar's Hand, dropped by Justiciar Zachariah - Demon's Heart, dropped by Porazdir - Ent's Roots, dropped by Derwen Opening the chest rewards you with some amazing rewards, including the brand new items released with Raids 2! This is currently the only method of obtaining these items without donating for them. I hope you guys enjoy this event, it took a lot of work to release and I really think you guys will enjoy it. Please let me know of any changes needed or any suggestions that can be added to further enhance the quality of the event; I'm more than glad to tweak the event to make it as enjoyable as possible.
  3. Hunterowner

    I dub this one, the "LetsPK Wilderness Rejuvenation, Part 1" - this update is one of the biggest to come to the server so far, and has something for everyone to enjoy. New Updates - The Revenants Cave has been completely revamped! The caves are now similar to OSRS and can be a great moneymaker for those just starting the server. The revenants how have a small chance to drop one of six Ancient Artifacts, which you can use on the emblem trader IN THE CAVES ONLY to convert them to pure blood money. Warning! - There will be a public broadcast when any player gets an emblem drop or uses it on the trader, so be careful! Using an emblem on the trader will also skull you and teleblock you. *Note* - The ethereum bracelet IS in game and DOES work, but due to the faulty charges system in game it breaks after extremely limited use. This is my fault, and right after this update I will be rewriting the charges system to fix all items that suffer from this issue. - Vorkath has been completely revamped! Everyone's favorite dragon has been buffed immensely to better boost activity in the wilderness and also give players more chances to earn brand new uniques. Vorkath is a SAFE wilderness event, meaning if you go there and die you will not lose any items (except for a bloody key, if you have one.) Vorkath's mechanics are the same as before, but he's received a huge drop table boost, with common drops including: Frozen Abyssal Whip, Occult Necklace, Warrior Ring (i), Berserker Ring (i), Elite Void Top, Elite Void Bottom, Eternal Boots, Pegasian Boots, Primordial Boots, Bandos Chestplate, Bandos Tassets, Armadyl Chestplate, Armadyl Chainskirt, Amulet of Torture (or), Armadyl Crossbow, Odium Ward, Malediction Ward While these drops are nice, no boss is truly enjoyable to kill without some uniques, and Vorkath is bringing THREE brand new uniques to LetsPK. These uniques consist of the Dragon Crossbow, the Ava's Assembler, and the Dragonfire Ward. The dragon crossbow is a crossbow requiring 64 ranged to wield. It can fire up to and including dragon bolts. This is currently a Vorkath exclusive drop. The Ava's Assembler is an upgraded version of the Ava's accumulator. It provides the best in slot ranged attack bonus for the cape slot and requires 70 ranged. This is currently a Vorkath exclusive drop. The Dragonfire Ward is a ranged shield requiring a Ranged level of 70 and a Defence level 75 to equip. The ward offers two special characteristics: it acts like a regular anti-dragon shield in terms of dragonfire protection, and it also protects against the breath of Wyverns. This is currently a Vorkath exclusive drop. - Lastly, I want to apologize because I have to delay the new deep wilderness event for another day. I stayed up for almost two days straight to do all this and finish that update, but sadly I wasn't able to complete it in time even with the whole night spent. I'm sorry for this, and I promise I'll do better. Expect the update to be out extremely soon. Bug Fixes and Changes - Adjusted some combat definitions for revenants, so they can all be attackable. - Added a ::35s teleport, teleporting you near the Obelisk in the wilderness. - The town crier has been removed from Edgeville. - Fixed an issue with the ::ba command. - Entering a safe zone now removes your teleblock duration and also removes your teleblock immunity. - Vengeance other no longer works on those who are currently in combat. - Fixed the animation ID's for godsword (or)'s. - General bugfixes and hotfixes for an overall better server experience. Known Bugs and Issues - The charges system is still wonky. This has been moved to top priority and will be fixed in the coming days. - Players have been requesting to remove PID from the Duel Arena. - There is a slight issue with blacklisting that will be fixed in the coming days. What's to Come Thank you guys for the continued support as always. I've been working my ass off lately and it's great to see that my players have my back. It means a lot to me to know that those I grind to make happy are supportive and want myself and the server to succeed - I won't let you guys down.
  4. Hunterowner

    Short but sweet - this update will please a LOT of the high risk pkers of LetsPK. New Updates Certain Untradables are now LOST on death! The full list includes: - Abyssal Tentacle - Serpentine helm (and all colored variants) - Charged Toxic Staff of the Dead - All Imbued Rings - All (or) Items - Odium/Malediction Ward - Colored Dark Bows - Volcanic/Frozen Abyssal Whips - ALL (g) and (t) Items Except Dragon Defender (t) - The Dark bow and heavy ballista are two new heavy weapons of destruction you can use in the wilderness! - The granite maul special has been perfected! I fucking hate this weapon. Bug Fixes and Changes - The Grand Seed Pod now teleports you up to 30 wilderness. - Antivenom+ have now been added to the sandwich lady shop, providing 3 minutes of venom immunity. - Under-the-hood performance upgrades. - Adjusted some drop rates for items.
  5. Hunterowner

    The reason it looks slow is just cause I'm bad LOL. It should be perfect, provided you can click fast enough. ❤️
  6. Hunterowner

    Hey guys! HUGE changes with this update log. I'm excited to see the responses. New Updates - Untradable items are now sellable for blood money to the Junk shop! The untradable items will not appear in the shop interface. - The granite maul special attack now works exactly as intended! (Don't laugh at my slow clicks pls ty) - Ticks and PID now work exactly like OSRS! This should make combat much smoother and pking better overall. OSRS (with PID): LetsPK (with PID): The DDS is just used purely as an example for reference - this works with all weapons! - Raids 2 items have finally been added in game! Currently, they are only obtainable through donating, but will be added to a deep wilderness minigame soon. The Ghrazi Rapier is the best in slot melee weapon, surpassing the abyssal tentacle in terms of stats. The Justiciar Armor Set boasts the best melee and range defenses of any armor set in the game. The Avernic Defender is an untradable defender, a significant upgrade from the former best in slot dragon defender. The scythe of vitur is the best in slot melee PVM weapon, doing insane damage to NPC's that are 2x2 and bigger. The Sinhaza shroud tier 5 cape is the first 'custom' item introduced to LetsPK. This cape has the stats of a fire cape and mage arena 1 cape, and is untradable. Bug Fixes and Changes - NUMEROUS combat fixes like tree hugging and barrage immunity/timers. Combat should be the best it's ever been on LetsPK. - Blood money now always drops on death, so risk fights can resume once more. - Fixed a rare issue where you were able to still attack your opponent even after death. - Fixed numerous duel arena issues, and also added a non-liability clause to the arena for my sanity. - Fixed an issue with the Bounty Hunter shop not correctly selling items. - Fixed an issue with casting speeds of spells. - Fixed an issue with freezes. - Fixed an issue with 1 ticking. - Items now appear instantly on the ground if you drop them in the wilderness. - Void armor now correctly applies damage boosts when its supposed to. - Added a ::52s teleport near the obelisk in deep wilderness. - Changed the revenants teleport to outside the northernmost cave in the wilderness. - Fixed an issue where you could trade your opponent and move to them while frozen. - The jail command has been moved to an actual jail cell for pesky troublemakers. - The amulet of anguish now has its correct stats. - Bounty Hunter killstreak skulls only now show when you're skulled. - Mithril+ donators now receive double blood money from wilderness slayer. - The DDS has been adjusted to more correctly represent its OSRS counterpart. - The bloody key timer has been lowered by 5 minutes and the minigame has had some under-the-hood improvements.
  7. Hunterowner

    Artist my man! I've enjoyed our interactions on the server since you've joined. Glad to have you here man.
  8. Hunterowner

    This is a good one! I'm very excited to post this change log - we got some great additions this week. New Updates - PvP Achievements have been released! Complete these tasks to earn great extra amounts of blood money. - The new God Books have been added to the blood money shop! These books are ideal for pure pkers. Bug Fixes and Changes - Numerous bloody key fixes to improve the minigame experience for all participants (except, perhaps, the key holder.) - Fixed an issue with pathing that blocked diagonal attack patterns. - Fixed all issues relating to untradables when dying. - The granite maul special attack now works as intended. - Fixed all godsword special animations. - Items that have a value now appear instantly if dropped in the wilderness. - There is now a chatbox message that appears when toggling your protection prayer on or off. - Certain weapons have received a buff/debuff to more closely match OSRS style pking. - The clan chat has been changed to 'Letspk'. - Some items have had their stats correctly readjusted. - Many more hotfixes I can't remember! Known Bugs - Untradables and loyalty point store items are unable to be sold to the Junk shop. - Uncharging scales from staves and helms doesn't work properly, and the serpentine helm drops when attempting to uncharge it. - Rarely, a player can hit their opponent after they have died. These will be fixed in the next batch of updates!
  9. Hunterowner

    Glad to have you here man!
  10. Hunterowner

    Go for it man! I'm a fan of your editing style - I'm sure the video would be dope.
  11. Hunterowner

    Hey! It's been a minute or two since I've last posted one of these. This should have a bunch of things you guys have requested (I hope!) New Updates - The highly requested Battle Mages have been added to the Mage Arena! Kill these for blood money and drops that you can sell as well. Bug Fixes and Changes - Fixed an issue with AGS not showing the correct animation. - Fixed the Elysian Spirit Shield special effect. - Fixed Rigour and Augury not correctly working in PvP. - Fixed an issue with the ::ba command being able to be used in the Wilderness. - Mithril+ donators now receive double blood money on kills. - The Elite Void set now correctly applies its bonus damage. - Items now sell for more blood money to the Junk shop. - The heavy ballista has been buffed. - Crossbow speeds have been altered to be the same as OSRS. - Items were sometimes incorrectly free in the BM shops; this has been fixed. - The DDS has received a slight accuracy buff to correctly match OSRS. - There was an issue with trading that is fixed. - And many more that I can't think of! Known Bugs - Granite maul special still needs work. - Tree hugging doesn't fully work. (A pathing issue) - Uncharging scales from staves and helms doesn't work properly. These will all be fixed in the next batch of updates. Thank you for continuing to enjoy the server - the release has been amazing so far.
  12. Hey everyone! For the LAST time, I can finally say the DC issue has been finally fixed. The issue was unknown to myself for the longest time although i had some theories - but I was finally able to pinpoint the issue and fix it. For those curious, it was related to the quest tab. If you didn't know, the quest tab's information updates each time you click it, and on login. Contained in the quest tab is useful information related to your character. That information would get reloaded every time you clicked the tab or logged in, which was not an issue. What was creating the issue was if the tab had to load in a vast amount of information at one time, presumably because you had say 1 million bolts or runes in your inventory, which would overflow the server and crash the whole damn thing. I'm very happy to say that this issue has finally been fixed and you guys can play once again. If your account suffered any issues during the DC's, PLEASE don't hesitate to message myself or any other staff member and we will get you sorted out. Appreciate you guys being on standby these past days - genuinely means a lot to me.
  13. Hunterowner

    Welcome Calvino! Glad to have you here.
  14. Hunterowner

    You're a god, Art. Good shit man!
  15. Hunterowner

    I'm back from my finals - dead tired but still wanted to pump out a solid night of updates and bug fixes for you guys. I have one more final this coming Monday, then I'm completely done with school for the next 3-4 months! Game Updates - A command has been added to show off your KDR to others! Simply type ::kdr in game to do so. - Another command has been added to reset your kills and deaths - for a fee. Pay 10k blood money to get a clean slate with ::resetkd. - A scroll has been added to BM Shop 2 for 10k blood money. This scroll will allow you to turn any ring into its imbued version. Bug Fixes and Changes - Voting rewards have been improved to give players more for supporting the server. - Twisted bow has received a buff to accuracy and damage. - Cerberus, our favorite hellpuppy, is now attackable. *May still spawn twice* - Certain obsidian related item's prices have been adjusted. - Removed some code that shouldn't have been seen by the player. ('lelel' instances, nothing major) - The bandos godsword now has its updated special consumption and damage boost. - The levers in Ardougne and Edgeville now work as intended. - A bank command has been properly added for Adamant+ Donators. - Other smaller hotfixes that I can't remember. I'm looking forward to tomorrow; going to try and get more bugs fixed because I'll have a full day to commit. Thanks for being understanding while I finish my finals!