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  1. Hunterowner

    Artist my man! I've enjoyed our interactions on the server since you've joined. Glad to have you here man.
  2. Hunterowner

    This is a good one! I'm very excited to post this change log - we got some great additions this week. New Updates - PvP Achievements have been released! Complete these tasks to earn great extra amounts of blood money. - The new God Books have been added to the blood money shop! These books are ideal for pure pkers. Bug Fixes and Changes - Numerous bloody key fixes to improve the minigame experience for all participants (except, perhaps, the key holder.) - Fixed an issue with pathing that blocked diagonal attack patterns. - Fixed all issues relating to untradables when dying. - The granite maul special attack now works as intended. - Fixed all godsword special animations. - Items that have a value now appear instantly if dropped in the wilderness. - There is now a chatbox message that appears when toggling your protection prayer on or off. - Certain weapons have received a buff/debuff to more closely match OSRS style pking. - The clan chat has been changed to 'Letspk'. - Some items have had their stats correctly readjusted. - Many more hotfixes I can't remember! Known Bugs - Untradables and loyalty point store items are unable to be sold to the Junk shop. - Uncharging scales from staves and helms doesn't work properly, and the serpentine helm drops when attempting to uncharge it. - Rarely, a player can hit their opponent after they have died. These will be fixed in the next batch of updates!
  3. Hunterowner

    Glad to have you here man!
  4. Hunterowner

    Go for it man! I'm a fan of your editing style - I'm sure the video would be dope.
  5. Hunterowner

    Hey! It's been a minute or two since I've last posted one of these. This should have a bunch of things you guys have requested (I hope!) New Updates - The highly requested Battle Mages have been added to the Mage Arena! Kill these for blood money and drops that you can sell as well. Bug Fixes and Changes - Fixed an issue with AGS not showing the correct animation. - Fixed the Elysian Spirit Shield special effect. - Fixed Rigour and Augury not correctly working in PvP. - Fixed an issue with the ::ba command being able to be used in the Wilderness. - Mithril+ donators now receive double blood money on kills. - The Elite Void set now correctly applies its bonus damage. - Items now sell for more blood money to the Junk shop. - The heavy ballista has been buffed. - Crossbow speeds have been altered to be the same as OSRS. - Items were sometimes incorrectly free in the BM shops; this has been fixed. - The DDS has received a slight accuracy buff to correctly match OSRS. - There was an issue with trading that is fixed. - And many more that I can't think of! Known Bugs - Granite maul special still needs work. - Tree hugging doesn't fully work. (A pathing issue) - Uncharging scales from staves and helms doesn't work properly. These will all be fixed in the next batch of updates. Thank you for continuing to enjoy the server - the release has been amazing so far.
  6. Hey everyone! For the LAST time, I can finally say the DC issue has been finally fixed. The issue was unknown to myself for the longest time although i had some theories - but I was finally able to pinpoint the issue and fix it. For those curious, it was related to the quest tab. If you didn't know, the quest tab's information updates each time you click it, and on login. Contained in the quest tab is useful information related to your character. That information would get reloaded every time you clicked the tab or logged in, which was not an issue. What was creating the issue was if the tab had to load in a vast amount of information at one time, presumably because you had say 1 million bolts or runes in your inventory, which would overflow the server and crash the whole damn thing. I'm very happy to say that this issue has finally been fixed and you guys can play once again. If your account suffered any issues during the DC's, PLEASE don't hesitate to message myself or any other staff member and we will get you sorted out. Appreciate you guys being on standby these past days - genuinely means a lot to me.
  7. Hunterowner

    Welcome Calvino! Glad to have you here.
  8. Hunterowner

    You're a god, Art. Good shit man!
  9. Hunterowner

    I'm back from my finals - dead tired but still wanted to pump out a solid night of updates and bug fixes for you guys. I have one more final this coming Monday, then I'm completely done with school for the next 3-4 months! Game Updates - A command has been added to show off your KDR to others! Simply type ::kdr in game to do so. - Another command has been added to reset your kills and deaths - for a fee. Pay 10k blood money to get a clean slate with ::resetkd. - A scroll has been added to BM Shop 2 for 10k blood money. This scroll will allow you to turn any ring into its imbued version. Bug Fixes and Changes - Voting rewards have been improved to give players more for supporting the server. - Twisted bow has received a buff to accuracy and damage. - Cerberus, our favorite hellpuppy, is now attackable. *May still spawn twice* - Certain obsidian related item's prices have been adjusted. - Removed some code that shouldn't have been seen by the player. ('lelel' instances, nothing major) - The bandos godsword now has its updated special consumption and damage boost. - The levers in Ardougne and Edgeville now work as intended. - A bank command has been properly added for Adamant+ Donators. - Other smaller hotfixes that I can't remember. I'm looking forward to tomorrow; going to try and get more bugs fixed because I'll have a full day to commit. Thanks for being understanding while I finish my finals!
  10. Hunterowner

    Best of luck with your clan Lou! You have a character that can lead others well; I'm excited to see how you do against other clans.
  11. Hunterowner

    Huge progress being made on big updates to the server! Viper has gone ahead and released a public beta for Raids - more information from the man himself in an upcoming forums post. In the meantime, I decided to begin work on a brand new tournament system for the server. I'm hoping to have a beta for this tournament system ready after my final on Wednesday. Due to this final, I may not be as active or productive on the server for the next two days. (School is always #1.) With that said, let's get to the changes. Game Updates - Shift-Drop has been added to the game! Now you'll be able to perform a multitude of actions faster. - The PvP Tournaments are coming along nicely! Here's a small showcase of what's to come. *BETA SOON* 3 different portals that have a Melee, Hybrid, and Random(NH) game type. Screen showcasing the gear you'll be given and the entry fee required. *BOTH SUBJECT TO CHANGE* 4 different arenas to fight in, allowing for maximum variety. Assigned fights like a bracket system, with your supplies being replenished after each round. Winner take all! May the best PKer succeed. They will also receive a special title. The expected release for these tournaments is TBA, but expect a beta version to go live sometime this week. Bug Fixes and Changes *NOTE, A RESTART IS NEEDED FOR FULL CHANGES TO TAKE EFFECT.* - Fixed a bug where your interfaces disappeared in the Wilderness. - Fixed a bug where Ring of the Gods and Ring of the Gods (i) gave incorrect stats. - Fixed a bug where Dragonstone Bolt (e) special was proccing too often, and hitting through incorrect prayers. *NOTE* The animation for the special will play twice; this is a graphical bug, nothing more. The special does not proc twice in a row, unless extremely lucky (or unlucky.) - Fixed an issue with dragon claws special being calculated incorrectly - also slightly buffed the accuracy and damage. - Zulrah now has its proper NPC Combat Definitions and is working properly. - Fixed an issue with the donator shop not properly gifting players the items they donated for. - Fixed the black void issue in Ice Plateau wilderness. - Added more items to the blood money shop. - Increased blood money gained from ALL resources, again. (Should be perfect now.) - Many more hotfixes that I can't think of! Please leave all suggestions about the tourney system or anything else down below; I'd love to hear your guys's opinions on the subject.
  12. Hunterowner

    Another day, another batch of changes & updates. Hope you guys enjoy this one - Blood Money is a big focus on this one. New Updates - Blood Money has been buffed for PvP! LetsPK, at its heart, is a PK server; PKing should provide the best blood money rates, and so it now does. - Zulrah is back and better! Test your might against the revamped Zulrah - now with scales that sell for blood money. Bug Fixes and Changes - Added a bank booth near the edge ditch, for easier banking access. (I put it one tile too far to the south, sorry -.-) - Zulrah's scales now sell to the Junk shop for 1 blood money per scale. - Zulrah has been worked fundamentally to be more properly coded. - Shutdowns in PvP now provide the proper extra blood money. - PvP blood money formulas have been reworked for the benefit of the server. - Vorkath now provides 1-2k blood money on a successful kill. - Fixed a broken bridge agility shortcut preventing players from completing a clue scroll. - Fixed an issue where Protect from Magic rarely didn't protect from a Dragon Bolt (e) special attack. - DDS special attack no longer has that glitchy one-tick delay, and is more accurately representative of how it is in OSRS. - Reworked pathing once more to fix a small issue regarding one player chasing another. - Temporarily disabled the Duel Arena. Known Bugs - Wilderness interfaces still occasionally disappear when re-entering the wilderness. - The opt-out system for Bounty Hunter doesn't work. - The ::bank command added for donators doesn't work. - Bloody keys still need more work done to them.
  13. Hunterowner

    The forums god himself. Always great work Jay.
  14. Hunterowner

    Welcome players to another batch of updates! In the days to come before we release full raids, I'd like to share what I've been getting done. New Updates - Skotizo has been added to the server! He is currently in beta stage, as his pillars are currently uninteractable. - Vorkath is now killable! Come slay the dragon of dragons for your chance at some great loot. Bug Fixes and Changes - You may now correctly edit your 5th custom preset. - The cave entrances to the Revenant Caves now function properly. - You can now obtain AND remove your skull at the emblem trader. - Bounty Hunter emblems now sell for Blood Money at the Junk Shop. - After consuming your last dose of a vial, the vial is automatically removed from your inventory. - The dark totem works properly now, and can be used to take you to Skotizo. - Wilderness Slayer has received a boost in the amount of Blood Money obtained. - You will now no longer receive Lizardman Shamans as a Wilderness Slayer task. - Vorkath issues relating to him getting stuck are no more. - Scorpia now has the correct amount of health. - Demonic Gorillas are once again attackable. - Names can now be made with capitalization, even if you've already made an account. - Drop rates for certain NPCs and items have been adjusted. Known Bugs - Zulrah is currently unattackable due to his hardcode interfering with our incoming raids update. - Interfaces sometimes disappear due to a known issue. - Shutdowns don't give the accurate amount of Blood Money, and PvP Blood Money is still too low.
  15. Hey guys! I'm super happy to show off this promotional video made by the amazing Shields Vids. Shields is also hosting a $100 giveaway in this video, so it's definitely in your best interests to watch it and participate! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpXhGQU3fP8