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    Dice Gambling on LetsPk The game modes of dicing currently include, and are limited to, 55x2, Black Jack, and Dice Duel. *NOTE* For your protection, it is advised that everyone, whether it be the one hosting, or the one playing, record their bets *NOTE* Make sure to be in the "Gamble" cc when playing and hosting. This is the only clan chat where hosting dice games are allowed. *NOTE* "1x" payouts are not allowed ( minimum pot is 2x ) *NOTE* The host must state their Gamble cc rank's corresponding bet limit, when advertising to prevent confusion. 55x2 One Roll; Either Win or Lose How to play: 1) The Player trades the Host the desired bet 2) The host rolls: A roll of 55 or higher(55+) results in the player who placed the bet to win while a roll of 54 or lower(54-) results in the Host winning The term "x2" simply refers to the total pot which is double the bet Example: 1) Player Sophia trades Host Jackson 10k and confirms 55x2 2) Jackson rolls a 68, resulting in Sophia winning 3) Jackson pays Sophia 20k Black Jack Any number or Rolls; Hit or Stay The goal is for each player to get to as close to 100 as possible without going over 100, which is classified as "busting", resulting in a loss How to play: 1) The player trades the Host the desired bet 2) The Host rolls: The player must then choose to either Hit or Stay(h/s). If the host rolls before a decision is made by the player, that roll is void, and a re-roll is in order. 3) If the player chooses to hit, the Host rolls again, this is continued until either the player chooses to Stay or exceeds the number 100; resulting in the Host to automatically win 4) When the player chooses to Stay, it is now the hosts turn to roll 5) The host continues to roll until either the number is greater than where the player chose to Stay or the number exceeds 100; resulting in the Player to win *NOTE* The Host must always roll for the player first, and then for themselves if need be Example: 1) Player Sophia trades Host Jackson 10k and confirms Black Jack 2) Jackson rolls an 11 and asks, "Hit or Stay" 3) Sophia chooses Hit, and Jackson rolls a 56. The total is now 67 4) Jackson asks, "Hit or Stay" in which Sophia chooses stay; it's now Jackson's turn 5) Jackson rolls a 55 6) Jackson rolls a 68. The total is now 123, a bust 7) Jackson pays Sophia 20k Dice Duel vs Best of 3; Winner takes All How to play: 1) Both players have dice bags, and choose to Dice Duel for a desired bet 2) The players take turns rolling once per round, with the player rolling the higher number winning that round 3) Game continues for up to 3 rounds, until one player wins 2 rounds *NOTE* Although no particular order is required, you can role only ONCE per round Example: 1) Player Jackson and Player Sophia agree to a 10k bet; a total of 20k pot 2) Jackson rolls 43 while Sophia rolls 52 Sophia 1-0 3) Jackson rolls 68 while Sophia rolls 8 Jackson/Sophia 1-1 3) Jackson rolls 87 while Sophia rolls 39 Jackson 2-1 4) Jackson wins; Sophia trades Jackson 20k Gamble Ranks and their Pricing The amount of blood money that can be gambled is based on the rank purchased, which can be purchased by a private message to, "Daz, Hunter or Dot" Recruit- Dice Owner without purchased rank, can take bets up to 50k/100k pot Corporal-100k bm--- 75k bet/150k pot Sergeant-150k bm--- 100k bet/200k pot Lieutenant-200k bm--- 150k bet/300k pot Captain-500k--- 200k bet/400k pot General-1m--- Unlimited bet/pot Credits to Tim ❤️