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  1. Viper

    Hi, just posting a list of my recent updates to the game. General/Miscellaneous - The granite maul has been fixed (1 ticking, normal special, switch specials etc). - Fixed an issue where prayers would be shown as on when they are inactive. - Fixed throwable ranged weapons when arrows equipped. - You can now use ::swapaugury & ::swaprigour to swap your prayers. - PID in duel arena has been removed. - You can now save and load a preset in duel arena. - You can now load your previous duel settings when dueling. - Fixed food consumption patterns. - Fixed a bug with MB lever. - Fixed an issue with vengeance hitting the victim instead of the attacker. - Fixed an issue with side tabs on resizable mode. Raids - Fixed a bug with multiple boss spawns. - Fixed home teleport. - Fixed dying into a black room. - Removed the use of bank command inside a raid. - Removed the ability to change your stats inside a raid. - The tool rack has been added to raids. - The Energy well has been added to raids. - The fishing skill has been added to raids. - All raw food can now be cooked and consumed for hp. - The farming skill has been added to raids, you can now grow your own herbs. - All raids potions have been added. Long live LetsPK
  2. Viper

    Hello, just wanted to write a little paragraph to better acquaint myself with the players. I'm Vip3r, I've been developing Java for 7 years and I've also got years of experience in other programming languages such as C#, C++ etc. I launched LetsPK.org back in July of 2017 and was the owner until we shut down at the start of this year. I'm a good friend of Hunter's and am working for him to improve this server. I am the original developer of the website and server. Since handing the reins to Hunterowner I've been working on a few things. I will be developing LetsPK for Hunterowner, if you know of bugs you'd like fixed please just message me ingame and I will take care of it for you. Regards, Vip3r