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  1. Dolan

    I agree with making Gmaul and Dharok worth Bm. Revs bracelet and tournaments are being implemented already. Donations are being used to invest in advertisement and servers, dont worry about it πŸ™‚
  2. Dolan

    Assembler Poggers
  3. Dolan

    Very nice stuff. Always high quality updates. Good job!
  4. Dolan

    Hunter nice thicc update. Keep it up mate.
  5. Dolan

    Looks nice, gl with your new team!
  6. Dolan

    Great stuff as always and the God books are a great idea. Gj!
  7. Dolan

    Tbh with that nickname you should be perma banned. Welcome back
  8. Dolan

    Great stuff as always. Keep it up! Much love!
  9. Dolan

    250k damage done to corp already. 86 Kills - 2 holy elixirs!
  10. Dolan

  11. Dolan

  12. Dolan

    Good shit mate! Time to start making some 1-99 guides!!!
  13. Dolan

    Great job, keep it up
  14. Dolan

    Looks really nice so far. Good job mate!
  15. Dolan

    Great stuff. Keep up the good work