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  1. Art

    Sweet, thank you!
  2. Art

    Is there rank request or ranks on this forum? Requesting Mithril donator and Server support.
  3. Art

    Book of law should be added onto, perfect for rangers. If you don't wanna risk big, you can use these as an alt. Aswell as the Book of Darkness, perfect for magers. If you don't wanna risk big, you can use these as an alt. Book of War, used for it's strength bonus and it's the only book with strength bonus. I would expect these to be more used by pures but it's a PK server with all variety's of of account builds.
  4. Agreed, support with all. 👌
  5. Art

    The wildy resource area had one but the npc was having problems. The highscores, Hunter knows about and idk if he's told the Web dev or what.(He said the web dev fucked it up, so whoever that is, you fucked it up) Run energy does restore but it's slow and it's like 4 at a time, 2-6 run energy at a time. Even with 99 agil and graceful but then again it is a pk server and it's not top priority. The banks, ehhh I only support with Donator Zone.
  6. Art

    I think it would be nice to make the increased drop rates and double experience scrolls to be tradable. (maybe crystal keys aswell) Most of the time, the loyalty points aren't going anywhere, the ones who don't use either scrolls can sell them for BM and the ones who want the scrolls but already used up their points can buy them off others. Hopefully it'll bring others to vote more as it could be another method to gaining Blood Money.
  7. Art

    This video was actually pretty good man, great job. Enjoyed the commentary!
  8. Art

    AYYYY first to max for the new release! Good luck to future maxers because this was aids!
  9. Art

    Thanks for everything Hunter! Amazing job. I do have a map suggestion for Tourney, which is Plateau.