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    Never vote to this guy. He Is a total sc*mbag,tells people about "Nice glitches" then after uses byhimself, also lowlights people when he kills someone with words like "Sit". Also he gets salty very fast after he gets killed. Btw you never killed me more than 5 times. You are trash with this equipment, sorry but true from #1 Pker In this game.
  10. Zammybunny

    Very nice video! Keep them coming!
  11. Sadly, I don't think this server will ever integrate Vesta/Statius/Zuriel as it is an Oldschool based server and the developers intend to keep it that way. We do have the new Justicar armor recently introduced from Raids 2, this armor can be purchased via Donations or also through the Deadman Chest wilderness event! Thanks for your suggestion @Ali, please don't let this deter you from making new ones!
  12. Zammybunny

    I don't mind this idea, if it degraded that would be an even better money sink after however many hits. Support.
  13. Zammybunny

    I really enjoyed your video even though you be rushing me, just kidding. :P Keep them coming bro (y)
  14. So idk its either dharoks or bandos for melee pking and idk just watching those fights bore me now....... Would be cool to have a set of armour which is higher tier than bandos to replace the concept of a max fight..... I was thinking maybe you could introduce "Statius" armour in.... Pure pkers could use Morrigan chaps/coif/top etc for risk fights in pure..... Will make the idea of risk fights in pure pretty fun. Zuriel's could be added in but tbh im content with the standards of nh fights so adding this im not bothered but could be cool and bring a new taste to nh risk fights. Not too much of a hard job as im sure u can grab the items and implement them in the game from other sources and just adjust bonuses. I was bored while making this i barely play but seeing max melee fights got boring and dharokers zzzz
  15. Zammybunny

    1. Make it where your client settings are saved every time you log out. 2. Dark beasts drop curved bones, if you could make it where they give construction xp i'm sure more people will be seen at dark beasts. Especially from the skilling aspect. 3. Better donator rewards? Such as a potion for pvm that's donator+ or something like that, donator ranks need a revamp. 4. Crystal keys and other certain items say they can be sold for loyalty points, but they can't. I know hunter knows, just reminding him. :P 5. Adding superior slayer monsters that drop something rare or new. 6. Add a potion decanter? That will decant your potions for a certain amount of blood money so you don't have to individually click on each one. 7. When you run away from npcs it glitches them and makes them not attack you/glitches the monster. 8. There's an option to skip and block a slayer task, but the blocking one doesn't work. This is all I have for right now, if you'd like to add more just comment it and i'll add the suggestion. Thank you!
  16. Zammybunny

    Thanks for the awesome updates!
  17. Zammybunny

    Very nice drops!
  18. Zammybunny

    I agree with this suggestion it would be nice to have a safe pvp area. But I feel we should have a little bigger playerbase, I feel if they implement that now it would be dead/it would make people all over the place.
  19. Tim

    I don’t see how a funpk zone would be a bad thing. I think it should be considered as an added feature, however, don’t believe it will be active. In my experience on other servers, funpk zone was used primarily to get spec back but seeing as we have the spec restore pool, it’s no longer necessary. On the flipside, I already suggested a dangerous pk zone and believe that the community would support this idea. In the dangerous pk zone, all items are lost, aside from untradeables, meaning no protect an item. A dangerous pk zone would be a safe way to risk fight players without worrying if you are going to get all your items or not.
  20. Kid1164

    you can use like an area we dont need it for constroc and pvp area what do you think about that. ?
  21. Dot

    Hey guys, So in Discord i have seen a post in the suggestions section about a Fun Pvp area. ( item safe wilderness area ) i wanted to see what the community thought of this idea as its your voice that matters most! Feel Free to post any ideas/suggestions/feedback towards this idea below. I look forward to seeing what people have in mind, all feedback is welcome! Enjoy, Dot
  22. Dot

    You did have a rank but you turned the rank into currency when you bought a box. Unfortunately, i am unable to issue a donation rank for the reason stated above. If you have anymore Unrelated questions don't hesitate to contact us! Thank you & Enjoy LetsPK.org, Dot P.S - Feel Free to leave Feedback on how well we handled your issue via the link provided. We're always looking to improve! https://community.letspk.org/index.php?/forum/18-staff-feedback/
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