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      in: Suggestions

      Hey there.  So I've been playing on this server for around a year now, and there are two small things I have been tolerating which would really improve the experience for players. I previously thought about mentioning them, but now it is under new ownership I genuinely feel that these suggestions might be considered.  1. Correcting bank placeholders -  Currently placeholders don't work in the bank. It makes it difficult to have organised tabs to make quick gear selections, I have personally given up doing this and just rely on presets. 2. Interface settings resetting after every logout - it's not TOO bad, but it would be really nice if interface settings were saved after logout. The need to reset zooming, left clicking for players and NPC's after every logout is kind of annoying.  Yeah. That's it. 🙂 There's more but I can't think of them right now. 
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      in: The Red Carpet

      Artist my man! I've enjoyed our interactions on the server since you've joined. Glad to have you here man.
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      in: Updates

      This is a good one! I'm very excited to post this change log - we got some great additions this week.   New Updates - PvP Achievements have been released! Complete these tasks to earn great extra amounts of blood money.       - The new God Books have been added to the blood money shop! These books are ideal for pure pkers.     Bug Fixes and Changes - Numerous bloody key fixes to improve the minigame experience for all participants (except, perhaps, the key holder.) - Fixed an issue with pathing that blocked diagonal attack patterns. - Fixed all issues relating to untradables when dying. - The granite maul special attack now works as intended. - Fixed all godsword special animations. - Items that have a value now appear instantly if dropped in the wilderness. - There is now a chatbox message that appears when toggling your protection prayer on or off. - Certain weapons have received a buff/debuff to more closely match OSRS style pking. - The clan chat has been changed to 'Letspk'. - Some items have had their stats correctly readjusted. - Many more hotfixes I can't remember!   Known Bugs - Untradables and loyalty point store items are unable to be sold to the Junk shop. - Uncharging scales from staves and helms doesn't work properly, and the serpentine helm drops when attempting to uncharge it. - Rarely, a player can hit their opponent after they have died.   These will be fixed in the next batch of updates!
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      in: The Red Carpet

      Glad to have you here man!
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      in: Media

      Go for it man! I'm a fan of your editing style - I'm sure the video would be dope.
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